Wilmot Novelty Letterbox Trail

Local residents have created their own distinctive letterboxes from re-cycled materials in one of the most unusual attractions in the region. Bookended by the life-size Tardis letterbox at the southern end, and a life-size Dalek at the northern end, about 80 novelty letterboxes stretch across 20km of the C132, including Ned Kelly, cows, a bomb, a skeleton riding a bike, motorcycle, whiskey still and much more. But the letterboxes are not the only thing to look at – this area is also known as The valley of Views, with a spectacular 360-degree panorama including Tasmania’s alpine highlands and spectacular peaks, the island’s northern coastline, and a patchwork tapestry of rolling agricultural hills, spectacular valleys and native forest.



This 20km trail starts at Gentle Annie (a hill just south of the town of Forth) to Moina, near Cradle Mountain. An ideal route to Cradle Mountain, from the Bass Highway at Devonport or Ulverstone. This road is windy in patches so ample time should be allowed to travel it at an average 60-70km an hour. The route features spectacular views of mountains, rivers, lakes, wilderness, farmland and alpine environment, as well as the entertaining letterboxes on the way.


Wilmot Road, Wilmot