Wild Mersey

Stage one of the Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails network is now open for riding within the Warrawee Reserve at Latrobe.

Fifteen kilometres of tracks catering to beginner, intermediate and advanced riders have been constructed by Next Level Mountain Bike Pty Ltd and volunteer crews since the turning of the first sod in mid-September.

Trails are signed as either one-way, two-way or dual walking/cycling and are marked with grades based on the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) of Australia guidelines. Grades indicate the technical challenges of a track, not the physical exertion required.

Green circle trails require only basic bike skills. Tracks have gentle gradients, are wide with a hardened surface and easily avoidable obstacles making them well suited to families and children. There are eleven green trails – single track and wider trails – now open totalling around 9km of riding.

Blue square trails require intermediate bike skills. Tracks can be narrower with less predictable surfaces and feature inclines and/or descents which may include obstacles. There are six blue trails now open totalling around 6km of riding.

Black and Double Black diamond trails require advanced bike skills. Tracks are narrow with unpredictable surfaces, steep gradients and/or feature unavoidable obstacles. There is currently one black trail now open totalling around 1km of riding.

Work will now continue on stage two of the $4.1 million project which includes an additional 17 kilometres of trails through to Railton which is scheduled for opening in May.

Once completed, the entire Wild Mersey mountain bike network will incorporate around 100 kilometres of riding and connect Latrobe, Railton and Sheffield. The Sheffield trails feature tracks to Kimberleys Lookout in the Badgers Range with construction expected to commence in mid-2019.

Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails is a joint initiative of the Latrobe and Kentish Councils with support from both the State and Commonwealth Governments.

Information on the trails can be found at www.ridewildmersey.com.au or on Facebook.

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