The Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery

EXPLORE the new TIGER ROOM , six galleries, a shop full of Tasmanian art, craft and products, children's spaces and more. FULL of amazing sculptures, artwork and photographs that tell the stories of Tasmania. A perfect way to spend a few hours with the family. Don't be surprised if you hear the growls of animals coming from THE TIGER ROOM. This unique experience conveys the history and mythology of the Thylacine and paints a picture of an animals road to extinction through the eyes of artists, scientists and story tellers. Six galleries are dedicated to art by Tasmanian artists, including photographer Peter Dombrovskis. Current Exhibitions include: extreme - an exhibition of 15 Tasmanian artists who all explore their idea of extreme - part of the Ten Days on the Island, 2017, sculptures by Barry Smith and large installations Two rooms are set up to peak the curiosity of the whole family. A wonderful colourful mural by Tasmanian author and cartoonist, Jon Kudelka, surrounds a textile structure that creates a cosy den to read, relax and imagine with fun activities for children. Step into the next gallery for a sensory experience: - Touch the furs of Tasmanian animals - Look at the extraordinary colours and structure of precious rocks endemic to Tasmania - Experience the scent of huon pine and explore the skeletons and bones from our animals and birds - Press the button to see the Swan fly The walkway of the gallery has been designed by Launceston based artist, Darryl Rogers and has been painted by Hobart artist, Sam Fenton. Glimpse into the garden to see some iconic Tasmanian plants including Leatherwood, Pandani, Pencil Pine and the beautiful Waratah. The GALLERY SHOP includes a vast array of Tasmanian made products, arts and crafts, books, toys and curiosities.



The gallery offers a range of experiences to visitors and aims to profile Tasmanian artists while inviting international and interstate artists to be part of special projects, residencies and the annual exhibition program.

Hours: 10am - 6pm Daily


3718 Cradle Mountain Road, CRADLE MOUNTAIN Tasmania 7310, Australia