Mural Fest 2019

Click here to view the live video from 2019 International Mural Fest.

Mural Fest has officially begun for 2019.  We are excited to introduce this years competitors:

Patricia Smart & Ollie Grohs –  New South Wales

Steve Monk – Victoria

Shane Walker – New Zealand

Judy & Jon Nelson – Tasmania

Marc & Debbie Spijkerbosch – New Zealand

Julian Bale – Tasmania

Lindsay Gardam – Tasmania

Sharon Nichole & Raysa Raquel – Puerto Rico

Jarrad Martyn – Western Australia

Our artists this year are painting to the theme Beauty Surrounds Us.

As we travel life’s busy roads

Across oceans vast and wide

We see a world of inspiration

As beauty surrounds us

-          Pauline Baker


The artists have until 1pm Saturday 27th April to complete their mural.  To follow the progress and keep up with our artists and all of the happening at this years International Mural Fest, Click here to view the live video from 2019 International Mural Fest.

Mural Fest has been held in Sheffield since 2003.  The festival engages the public along with 9 artistswho are shortlisted to paint over 6 and a half days. Each mural is 4800mm x 2100mm, and each artist has to interpret the poem which is the murals central theme and concept.

After the competition, all murals remain on display in Mural Park until the following year’s Mural Fest. Visitors to Sheffield are able to view the completed murals and can also vote for their favourite artwork over the 12-month period. The chosen painting will be awarded the “Yet to be Named” $1000 award.  

The Judges Choice winner will be moved into Mural Park II to be displayed with the previous year’s winners. The other murals will then be auctioned off, some often end up being displayed around town in Sheffield.