Gowrie Park Wood Chopping Carnival

Woodchopping has been a part of the Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals from the beginning, 130 years ago.

The Sport of Woodchopping has its origins in the early days of Australia’s settlement when the skills developed with axe and saws were essential for the clearing of land and construction of dwellings.  Competitive contests developed as a matter of course between bushmen of colonial Australia.

The Kentish Axemen’s Club present the Gowrie Park Wood Chopping Carnival! 

The annual wood chopping event will be held at O’Neils Creek, Gowrie Park from 9.00am to 5.30pm on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th December 2018. Join us for a great two days as axemen demonstrate their skills. 

Food and alcohol will be available.  More information available on Facebook.

A sample list of events can be seen below:

225mm Standing Handicap  250mm Standing Handicap  300mm "Dean Bakes Memorial" Standing Handicap  250MM TASMANIAN STANDING CHAMPIONSHIP $600 – (1) K.Steers  250mm Junior Underhand handicap  250mm Veterans Standing Handicap  250mm Veterans Underhand Handicap  275mm B Grade Championship  C Grade Championship  275mm UNDER 21 TASMANIAN STANDING CHAMPIONSHIP – (0) D.Gurr  300mm UNDER 21 AUSTRALIAN UNDERHAND CHAMPIONSHIP (3)  300mm Tree Handicap  Jack & Jill Sawing Handicap