Wilmot Hills Distillery

Cider, calvados, grappa, gin, absinthe .... We grow our own apples and fruits organically to create our products. See for yourself by visiting the Wilmot Hills Winery & Distillery



The original aim in building a distillery, derived from the idea of creating a Calvados style apple brandy using the cider apples from our orchard. With my engineering background I designed and built a reflux still, and installed it in the modified winery. To utilise the still, beside apple brandy, other spirits such as Grappa, Basilico, Gin and Absinthe are hand crafted with devotion and due diligence. These products are now the mainstay of our enterprise. Other beverages such as cider and fruit wines are still available.

Hours: Cellar door open 10am-6pm six days (closed Wednesday)


Phone: 6492 1193


407 Back Rd Wilmot, Tasmania, Australia, 7310