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Tasmazia International Muralfest 2017

Tasmazia International Muralfest 2017

Sunday 16th April - Saturday 22nd April10:00 - 10:00pm

At Sheffield Sheffield

Cost: Entry is by donation.

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International Mural Fest is a truly unique art competition that is held annually in Sheffield - Town of Murals, in Tasmania, Australia. In 2017, The Tasmazia International Mural Fest begins on April 16 and concludes on April 22.

The Tasmazia International Mural Fest sees nine artists engaged in a public paint off over 6.5 days. Each artist must complete a 2100mm x 4800mm mural, using the same poem as their mural’s central theme and inspiration. Each year a new poem is selected, meaning no two Mural Fests are ever the same. The competition is conducted in Mural Park – Sheffield’s very own outdoor art gallery.

Artists are subjected not only to public scrutiny and time constraints during the paint-off week, but also to the sometimes unpredictable Tasmanian weather! National Mural Fest therefore tests not only artistic skill, but also endurance and tenacity.

At the end of the paint off week, a panel of qualified judges decides the winner of the event’s major prize, The Mural Fest Judge’s Award. 

During the paint off week, visitors and supporters who come to Mural Park to view the progress are encouraged to vote for their favourite artwork. At the end of the week, the votes are tallied and the artist whose painting receives the most votes is awarded The Mural Fest Visitors Award. 

2011 Mural Fest Winners 2011 Mural Fest Winner

Turangawaewae By Marc Spijkerbosch                                                          The Homesteaders By Julian Bale

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