Strahan Seaplanes and Helicoptors - Strahan TASMANIA - CLOSED



Strahan Helicoptors - Experience the thrill of a helicopter flight along Tasmania's Ocean Beach, Henty Sand Dunes, Hell's Gates and Macquarie Harbour. See Strahan as it has never been seen before! Passing the Henty Sand Dunes en route to the 35km Ocean Beach, you fly over Hell's Gates, the treacherous entrance to Macquarie Harbour. Enjoy panaromic views of salmon farms in the harbour, dense World Heritage rainforests, wild rivers, and rugged mountain ranges of western Tasmania. See the craggy white quartzite summit of Frenchman's Cap and fly low along the Franklin and Gordon River valley's. On the return route, see the wetland bird haven of Swan basin, then fly onto the fearsome Tasmanian penal colony of Sarah Island before continuing up Macquarie Harbour and into Strahan. Duration 15 minutes.

Strahan Seaplanes - Take a scenic seaplane flight above the Tasmanian wilderness. Take off at Strahan climb high above Macquarie Harbour and fly across the dense rainforests of the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area, with its wild rivers and rugged peaks. Circle the sheer crags of Frenchmans Cap and look down on the famous Franklin River. A highlight is a landing high on the Gordon River. Go ashore and walk past ancient Huon pines to the cascading crystal waters of Sir John Falls. On the return flight, take in Sarah Island, the feared penal settlement, where the worst convicts laboured through harsh winters; watch the crashing, foaming waves at Hell's Gates; fly along the endless sandy stretch of Ocean Beach and see Macquarie Harbour, the second largest harbour in Australia. Duration - 1 hour and a half.


The Esplanade, Strahan TAS 7468, Australia