Railton Hotel

Railton Hotel combines the traditional fare and ambience of a country Tasmanian pub with modern services and expectations, resulting in great food, good times and comfortable accommodation.



The First Hotel was built in around 1858. Early days saw mainly farmers and the timber workers as the main patrons. The railway line was completed in 1885 and things went well until the wooden hotel burnt down and the present Pub was built on the same site in 1910. With the cement works up and running in the mid-1920 the hotel traded well for the next 70 years. With technology taking over many jobs in the cement works, Railton slowly diminished in size seeing the closure of many businesses. After a long ownership by the Rundle family the Pub has changed hands in 2013 to Bruce and Kerstin who have re-introduced meals and have added a veranda. Free Camping is now available at the rear of the Pub and there are 6 rooms that are operational for accommodation.


5 Foster St Railton Tasmania Australia 7306