Bakeries & Takeaway

Bakeries & Takeaway


Mountain Fruit

Mountain Fruit are located at 10 Devil's Gate Road (off C143), Barrington. Fresh berries are available during summer as well as dried fruit bars and frozen raspberries in the off season. A variety of fruit and herb wines are also available.

Sheffield Honey Farm

Sheffield Honey Farm can be found at 111 Main Street, Sheffield. Quality pure honey is supplied in 250g to 300kg quantities. Tasmanian varieties of leatherwood, clover, gum, manuka, rainforest wild flower and flavoured honeys are available for tastings and sale. Tavener's Honey Porter, Honey Ale, Strong Ales and Dessert Honey Mead are also available for tastings. Ph: 03 6491 1167

Cherry Treats 

We offer fresh cherries and cherry related products from preserves through to dried cherries.

Location: 92 Main Street, Sheffield Tasmania 7306, Australia
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 03 6491 1061

Cherry Treats operates over the Australian summer. Mid November through to Mid February. 
We are right in town and just opposite the Kentish Museum.