Finance Brokers FireLight Festival 2017

Kentish A.C.T. is staging the Finance Brokers of Tasmania FireLight Festival 2017 during the month of May 2017



The Festival's featured event will be a laser show "FireLight17" that will transform the rock face of Mount Roland into a giant screen telling a story in bold line animations accompanied by original soundtracks broadcast on our own radio frequency, with viewing from designated sites "drive in style" from cars.

Hours: Gates open at 4.00pm. Gate closes at 7.15pm. Show starts at 7.30pm. Please print your emailed booking confirmation and highlight the registration number for easy check in.


773 Claude Road Sheffield Tas 7306 Aus

Cancellation Policy

This ticket is non-refundable. Firelight 17 cannot take responsibility for poor weather which is obviously beyond human control. Poor weather may interfere with or completely prevent the operation of the laser animation events and so your purchase of this ticket is at your risk as to the weather. While all efforts will be made to run Firelight 17 as advertised inclement weather may prevent the event form commencing as scheduled within the absolute discretion of Firelight 17. Should low cloud heavy fog or rain persist the organizers of Firelight 17 may delay the commencement of the event until conditions permit. Should a cancellation be required due to persistent poor weather you are invited and entitled on production of this ticket to return on a contingency date (between SUNDAY 7/5 and TUESDAY 9/5) to be announced via the FM broadcast to enjoy the full experience of Firelight 17. Should poor weather conditions continue or occur again on the contingency dates the laser animation will not be screened and a sky laser beam show will be held in it's place.