Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery

The Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery is a unique 12 room experience that invites visitors into the life, stories and art of Tasmania.

Sitting on the edge of the Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park, the gallery incorporates the:

  • TIGER ROOM; an extraordinary new attraction that combines history, storytelling and original artworks
  • CHILDREN’S ROOMS; places to explore, draw, play and investigate
  • PETER DOMBROVSKIS GALLERY; dedicated to an internationally celebrated photographer
  • FIVE GALLERIES; filled with contemporary works by Tasmanian artists that change throughout the year
  • MOVIE ROOM; with all day screenings of iconic Tasmanian films
  • EXTENSIVE GIFT SHOP; with Tasmanian arts, crafts, produce, and FREE Honey Tastings


Wilderness Gallery

The Gallery remains committed to promoting Tasmanian photographers; with more than 3000 photographs within it’s collection. However, the brief has broadened to include all art forms and encourage artists to apply for exhibitions throughout the year around the themes; Environment, Place and Wilderness.



Cradle Mountain Hotel

Opening Hours: 7 days a week, 9am - 5pm