Railton Town of Topiary

The 'Town of Topiary' , located between Latrobe and Sheffield, maintains over 100 imaginative topiary characters along the main street. In ‘Cradle Mountain National Paddock’ visitors can photograph the only `living’ Tasmanian Tiger.

The town was built on the back of its high-quality limestone cement, which was used to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge, much of early Melbourne, and many of the great construction projects around Australia.

But today, it’s a quaint little service town with such attractions as Seven Sheds Brewery and Meadery, the Looking Glass fibre optics shops, Railton Arts & Crafts which features local crafters’ work, the mystical Sykes Sanctuary – which features strange monuments with mathematical equations in a serene nature sanctuary, and the Henry Somerset Orchid Reserve – the only orchid reserve in Australia and hosting more than 30 varieties, about half of which are endemic to the local area.

Be sure to note the extraordinarily wide main street, designed so the bullock teams of old could turn around in one-sweep (ever tried to do a three-point turn with a bullock train??).