Working Art Space

Visit the Working Art Space and see local artists and artisans working at a diverse range of craft and art. You may find a silversmith, or a potter; a stone carver or a painter. Perhaps you may talk to a photographer or a handcrafter. You will be delighted with different and interesting product in Sheffields local Working Art Space.



The local art group hosts a series of rolling exhibitions in this quaint historic exhibition building, neighouring King George V Park in Albert St, Sheffield. There is usually an artist working on-site each day and new exhibitions each month, plus several travelling exhibitions during the year and frequent workshops of various art areas from photography, pottery and more recently mosaics. Local artists provide a diverse range of outstanding art work, including paintings, photography, sculpture, sketching and much more, which you can view and purchase. You can also pre-book a demonstration session by an artist for your tour or special group, which includes complimentary refreshments.

Hours: 10-4 Fri - Mon


Albert Street, Sheffield Tasmania 7603, Australia